Sunday, December 26, 2010

What’s going to be my plan?

I was reading my friends blog yesterday about how “hope is not a plan”. The first time I heard that was by one of my past managers, as a project manager hope can NEVER be your plan to get things done. Anyway, her blog outlined what her plans were for her upcoming races, all her methods of support, the groups she is going to train with and the activities she is going to do to prepare.

I have learned that you need to have a plan in order to accomplish the things you want to otherwise, they are just hopes and dreams…with a plan, you can do anything. Reading her blog reminded me how important it is to have a fitness plan in place otherwise time passes by and you look in the mirror and probably one of two things have happened…you stay the same or usually in my case week by week a little more weight is added on. If I am not on a plan or have some specific goals in mind I tend to have weight-loss amnesia and seem to forget the consequences for eating things that are less than healthy or at this time of year just overeating in general.

I have been flip flopping as to what I want to do get active again on a regular basis. A friend and I have been talking about signing up for kick-boxing in January but we haven’t confirmed anything yet. I feel like if I don’t sign up for something soon more time is going to keep passing by and my jeans are going to get tighter.

Kick-boxing is a potential option for at least once a week. I think this will be great for self confidence as well as some self defense training  I plan to keep Yoga going at least once a week. That leaves regular cardio to keep the heart rate up.


She said I need a goal said...

How did i miss this and Im' not sure why you aren't showing up on my blog rol. I am going to re-add you.

MandyB said...

Don't know lady...don't see you following yet...

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