Monday, July 25, 2011

my last post here

I wanted to thank you all for following me during my adventures in finding my skinny self.  It's been an up and down year or so but probably nothing you haven't experienced for yourself over time.

I have decided to start a new blog and have posted my first blog there today.  Feel free to follow along in with my new frame of mind here at  the "now" mandyb.  Hope to see you there :)

Thanks for everything and I wish you good luck on your journey.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


WOW was it hot and humid out there tonight!  I was toying with the idea of hitting the hamster with the heat today but I saw enough people out there on my way home making the decision to hit the track easier. 

I lapped the track 7 times tonight giving me a perfect 4km route.  I walked a little bit tonight but not much really and when I was checking my heart rate it was the highest it has been in a while but I am guessing it was due to the running in the heat and humidity. 

I wore my older pair of lulu crops and had them folded up my thigh to help keep me cool.  I was seriously considering cutting them at the knee when I got home but I haven't pulled out the scissors just yet.

not much else going on tonight...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

W5R1: Furthest LSD so far

I had set my alarm for 6 am as I wanted to get out there before it got too hot for my run this morning.  Well, even though it wasn't that late when I was getting ready for bed last night I set my alarm for 6pm instead. I ended up waking up naturally around 7, it could have been the result of a cat but I really don't remember.  I got up, made some breakfast and puttered in the kitchen for a bit.  I ended up heading out around 9am and made my way to the lift bridge. 

I figured based on where I start along the path if I went to the 5000m marker and turned back that would give me the 9km I was looking for today.  I was also hoping the lake would have provided a nice cool breeze to help keep me going. There first half went pretty well and I was keeping my heart rate above 160.  I think with the heat it's that much harder to push myself in keeping the hr in and around 170.  I continued on with the 10/1 strategy and was very happy to see my half way marker.  I turned around and started heading back and it was then I noticed the burn in my quads.  I guess it was a bit more uphill starting off the return and I was beginning to feel it.  I also think the running surface of the pavement compared to the track makes a big difference.

I took a few more walking breaks on my return trip where I would grab a sip of my ever warming Gatorade.  I was getting closer and closer and happier to see the distance markers declining.  I made it back to my starting point at the restroom by the bridge, chugged the last of the warm Gatorade and refilled from the fountain...that was one of the drinks of water I have had in a long time!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

W4R5: That's what friends are for...

6:51 this morning my alarm started singing to me, it's set to 104.5 because it comes in clear.  The stations I really want, don't so it's that or 99.9 or 102.9 neither of which I can stand.  As usual when my alarm first goes off I rolled over and hit the snooze button.  9 minutes later the alarm was alive again filling my bedroom with music.  It was 7:00 on the dot and my phone started singing to me too.  It was my friend Ali!  We had briefly talked about going for a run this morning as I had initially planned to run, go to yoga then go to my massage appointment not wanting to work out afterwards.  Well, it was 7, the alarm was singing and Ali was in the driveway! 

I got up wiping the sleep from my eyes, got ready and off we went.  We went to the track as there wasn't much pre-planning involved and we lapped the track 7 times returning at 4 km completed.  I walked there and back as I have a 9km run tomorrow to start Week 5.

There was a slight breeze and it was quite comfortable in the shade, the little bit there at the track.  When we left the house it was still a little cool but the temperature quickly rose once we got into the sunshine.

We completed the run and I quickly realized I was trying to fit too much in to the precious morning hours.  We stretched, Ali left (props to her for going running on the first morning of her vacation!) and I made myself some tex-mex scrambled eggs, an english muffin and coffee.  What a perfect way to start the weekend. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011


You may or may not know this but I have a small shoe problem...and by that I mean I LOVE shoes and yes that includes running shoes, actually it includes ALL shoes.  Some people may make fun of me for believing this, but I totally believe that I can run faster in new shoes and I bet secretly so do you. 

I went down to foot tools today because they are having a sidewalk sale ( in case you live in the area and need a new pair) even if you don't NEED a new pair you may want to go anyway.  I had found the adidas supernova model I had a few years ago online this week and was keeping my fingers crossed that they had a pair in stock (and on sale) and they did!  I picked up a couple new pairs of socks and a new hat as well since my old one was getting pretty nasty...the down side of a white hate is how much the sweat stains show. 

I laced up my shoes and Ali and I made our way over to the track.  It was really busy there tonight but the weather was great with a slight breeze and the temperature really dropped making it really comfortable. I couldn't believe the difference I felt in my knees with the new shoes on and wondered why I had waited so long to replace the old asics.   Once my feet hit the track surface I picked up my pace a little bit and off I went.  I really enjoyed the run tonight and am looking forward to the short run Saturday and the long run Sunday now.  Near the end of my last lap around the track I decided to go all out and just see how the new kicks felt and it was great! I was pounding down on my feet but it never hurt and I never felt a strain, what a difference new shoes made!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

W4 R3: 3 runs in 4 days

Well, it seems I am sticking to my full training schedule this week.  I just finished my third run in the past four days.  I am debating if I really want to go to my running night tomorrow because I don't want to be the last person again. I know it's dumb and it really doesn't matter but I guess the thought of it just bothers me right now.  I am not looking for an excuse to not run, I just don't feel like I belong in that group of people.  That's enough pity party for one night...back to my run.

I took the same route as last night but some how on my programme it came up a bit short for distance (only by .09 of a km) but could running on the other side of the road make this much difference?  I found it a bit hard to get my heard rate in the higher 160's for some reason but I manage to keep it up and it definitely was spiking on the last leg as it's mostly up hill.

I still didn't take any pictures of the course tonight. I think I am just going to have to snap a bunch over the weekend and save them :)

I found a picture of the shoes I want to replace...I had these a pair ago and I LOVED them and hope to find a new pair this weekend.  These are the supernova glide.  

Alright...that's all I got...goodnight!

W4 R2: The full schedule

For the past three weeks I have been slacking a little and not running the full five days on my schedule.  I know I could do another form of exercise instead of the fifth day running but I haven't done that either.  This week I am committed to the full five days though. 

Ali joined me on my trek last night for company and realized how slow my slow pace is...see, I was's slow but that's okay cause I just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  We did one of my three km loops down the road across the bike path and back up to the house.  I walked the last km or so back but I figured with doing the five days this week and this only being day two, that I would pace myself and save my legs.

I didn't stretch enough and today I am feeling it but as a friend told me...motion is lotion so look out legs I am going back out tonight!

Monday, July 11, 2011

W4 R1: didn't think I would finish

If you live in and around the GTA then you know how hot and humid it was yesterday (and today) which was perfect for the family pool party that we had.  Once a year (we are trying to make this an annual event) we gather in my parents backyard and have some fun in the sun.  We got there around 1pm and were back home around 7:30 after a day spent in the pool and catching up over some yummy food.

Thanks my DH influence we got home and got ready to go.   Since it was sticky and hot out I dug out my lulu shorts instead of the usual crops I run in hoping it would help keep my temperature down a bit.  This was a very bad idea after the first 10 laps...two words...heat rash.  I started whining and told DH I didn't know if I would finish but he just kinda ignore me and continued on his way and really I am glad he did because I just tried to ignore what felt like sandpaper on my thighs and just push through.  Near the end I found a little extra gas in the tank and did a few short speed bursts to get the last lap completed as fast as possible.  I felt like I really couldn't run any faster than I was going, but it was fun to just "open it up" and go.  I ended up walking back most of the way after we left the track, but that was fine considering I don't think I took the proper 10/1 walking breaks.

We decided we would just stick to the track and take it easy on our ankles and knees. Along with the distance there and back I completed 15 laps around the track for a total of 7.21 km.  And I thought 3km around the track was a bunch of is 15 what looks like.

And here is what my speed and altitude looked like.

I tend to have my blackberry tucked away in the arm strap so that's why I don't usually have pics from the trips, that and it's usually the last thing on my mind when I am huffing and puffing my way through the run but I will try to remember to snap some from time to time.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

W3 R4: 3km...That's easy

Or so I thought last night when I checked my training schedule last night before I went to bed.  I set the alarm for 7 AM so I could get out there before the sun was too high in the sky.  My husbands alarm went of at 6 AM and I tossed and turned for a bit before drifting off to sleep again.  Before I knew it the alarm clock was alive with music and instinctively my hand slapped the snooze button.  I did this at least one or two more times before I dragged myself out of bed.  I made a light breakfast and did a little recipe hunting online before getting ready to head out the door.

I trotted down the driveway and made my way over to the track.  I decided last minute to go with the track rather than just the usual 3 km route down to the bike path.  I figured with the shoes I was wearing the track surface would offer more grace on my knees.

I entered the track and field area at the school and continued to lap the track five times.  This plus the distance there and back to my house is another perfect 3km route.  I found it really hard to run today and average heart rate proved it 161 and the max was 170 today.  I did manage to burn 320 calories so that was the upside, well that and I went out and ran.  At least I was consistent.  I guess I probably needed more sleep to recharge the batteries.  This week we were on a bit of an emotional roller coaster so I really shouldn't be too surprised I was dragging my feet the whole way.

In order to make my runs possible, there are a number of tools I use regularly that  I strap on, tie up and attach to myself in one way or another.  I also use my blackberry for both music and the runtastic software that keeps track of my distance, speed altitude etc.  Without these tools I would be in bad shape out there as the heart rate monitor keeps me focused on my pace based on my heart rate.  I have the Polar F6 which has been running well and really I don't know what I would have done without. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

W3R3: making the effort

I went for a run last night after work and the schedule had me down for another run today so I went out this morning.  It was already 21 by 7:30am.  I didn't have tons of time and I was pretty sore from the run last night so I did a shortened loop down to the bike path and back.  It was a bit of a hard run today I think just because I had run about 12 hours prior...I think I will need to make sure I have 24 hours in between runs next time.

I have tomorrow off and I will be back on the horse Saturday morning.  Here is where I went this morning along with the altitude and speed plotted below.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week 3: so far so good

W2 R1: another long haul

Sunday brought along my second Long Slow Run.  I still find this hilarious as ALL my runs a slow.  Anyway, we headed out after 6pm in hopes the temperature would have been a bit cooler than compared to earlier in the day.  No such luck, it was still hitting around 30 I think by the time we left the house.

In preparation for this run I decide to revamp my music selection and created a new "running" play list.  It worked well and I had a variety of music that was different than my usual "workout" play list.

I wanted to plan the route so that I wasn't running uphill on the way back home, I don't like doing that especially in this heat.  We started out heading east along uppermiddle almost going to walkers line, turned back and did five laps around the track.  I couldn't believe the difference the surface type made after going that far.  The little trip back home from the track was brutal and I walked probably half way home from there.  I continued following the 10/1 method of running to walking ratio and it seems to be working well.

W3 R3: A community affair

We hummed and haaaed before deciding to go for a run tonight.  It's amazing how one tiny seed of doubt can go so quickly lol.  The decision was made and I got ready to go. 

There was tons of activity already going on at the track when we arrived.  There were boys having a soccer practice in the middle of the field, off to the side it looked like a boot camp was going on with girls doing "suicides" I hated those drills in gym class but actually grew to like them in booty camp (sick I know!)  There were a couple families there two, one training to teach the young girl how to ride a bike and I am not really sure what the other group was doing.  Then there were all the individual walkers and runners completing their laps. 

The schedule for tonight called for a 3km but since I didn't make it out last night (under the orders of my massage therapist ;o) What...I'm serious) and was supposed to do 4km we did 3.82 tonight.  My average heart rate was 166 and the max at 179.  I felt like I could run a little faster tonight too while staying within my HRZ.

I plan to do a quick 3k tomorrow morning before we have to head out for the day's events.  I guess I like to think that by saying it here for you to read that will make me accountable and I will actually have to do it then :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

W2 R4: mid day run

I slept in on yesterday but, I guess I needed the sleep.  I got up made some coffee and plotted out my course for the 3km run.  By the time we headed out it was mid day and the sun was high in the sky.  The temperature was pretty hot and it was quite humid out.  Not the best time to head out for a run, but I am just happy I went.

My average heart rate was 172 with the max at 182.  The route was exactly 3km according to Google Maps, I guess I didn't hit "start" properly on runtastic so I didn't get my pace info or the exact distance based on that program.  The time to complete was 26:35 so it looks like my speed is improving a bit already.  I was surprised at the time to complete actually considering the temperature and humidity.
I still need to plot out my course for today but I think I will wait and go in the evening when it's a bit cooler out (I hope).  The training schedule calls for 7km today.  While I want to stay in the shade for this, I am not too sure about where I can go for that, maybe I can do the back half of the lake front train in Hamilton.  We were fishing for a little while yesterday at a park on Northshore and it was gorgeous with the breeze off the lake which would help a lot in keeping my temp down. 
I am going to make my mango black bean salad for lunch this week and I think I will make it with some coconut quinoa.    For dinner tonight I am trying a new recipe for Grilled Ginger Peanut Pork Tenderloin.  It is similar to a dish we ate while on vacation in Europe. We went two days in a row because it was that good so I thought about recreating it.  I think I will make a broccoli coleslaw to serve with the pork, I just can't bring myself to prepare a hot side dish right now with it being summer time.
Time to plot my course for later today then head to fortinos and get on with the day.  I have to say having the long weekend has been excellent, wish every weekend in the summer was a long weekend!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

W2 R3: Running Room Night

Tonight was my "running room" night where we had the 20 minute seminar then headed out for the steady run.  It also happened to be "bring a friend" night so Tony tagged in for the evening as well.    During the seminar we learned about the importance of a proper fitting shoe etc.  I pretty much knew this as I have been buying my running shoes from running room type stores for the past couple years now but it was good for Tony to hear...helps legitimize my shoes budget...well not my ENTIRE shoe budget ;o)

Brian had an option for a 3km as well as a 5km route this evening, I of course did the three which was fine by me.  My average heart rate was 173 with the max at 182.  They said it was a steady run but I figured staying in my heart rate zone is still for me the best practice and probably will be for quite a while yet. 

I mapped out the route we took and it ended up being 3.6 km after all so I was pretty happy about that since it took 30m 44s.  I was still at the very back of the pack tonight but this time I ran at my pace and didn't bother trying to keep up with everyone else.  I didn't stop for walking breaks so in my opinion, this was a big improvement from last week.  Oh and I didn't feel like I was going to throw up everywhere tonight when I got back to the store!
By the time I got home last night and we had dinner it was pretty late so I didn't end up doing any activity but I figure tomorrow can make up for it. I am just not sure yet what it will be.
One thing I do know I am going to do is watch some fireworks! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

W2 R2: round and round we go

Rest day yesterday was a nice break especially since it was Monday.  I always found Monday's to be one of the hardest days to workout on so it was nice to not have to force myself.  When I got home from work my husband was in casual clothes and asked if I was running today.  He almost seemed a little disappointed when I told him it was my "off" day as he was planning to go with me.   I was a little surprised as he is not a big fan of just "running" but I appreciated the offer and having him for company.

When I got home we had the steak we planned on having Sunday, caught up on one of our favorite TV show then headed over to the track.  We live near a high school that has a great track with a fairly new surface that was meant for running on.  It is like running on a cloud compared to concrete sidewalks.

The sun was behind a bunch of angry looking clouds and the windy was blowing pretty hard but it was nice to get out there. 

I ran the 3km distance steady which felt really great to do!  I kept my heart rate in the prime zone between 160 and 175 going into the high 170s but it felt good and I just kept breathing through my nose to keep my heart rate below 180.

Ever wonder what it looks like when you just run a around a track a bunch of times...yup, you guessed it, it looks like a bunch of scribbles.  

Sunday, June 26, 2011

W2 R1: Going the distance

My legs were still pretty sore from my last two runs but the schedule had me down for a 7km long slow run today. 

I decided to venture down to the beach path in Hamilton on the other side of the lift bridge.  The weather was perfect and the path wasn't too busy.  

From my Runtastic stats it looks like my 5th km was the best one based on time. I wasn't able to run the entire time and walked back most of the way after the halfway mark. I know with time and practice I will be able to run for longer distances so I am not sweating this, I am just happy I went the distance! 

I also took at least one stretching break along the way, again this session today is to begin getting into the habit of the longer runs and speed is the not main concern. 

The sun came out from time to time and the breeze was perfect.  Tomorrow is a rest day and I think my legs will be thankful for that.

I burned over 700 calories today so I know I am really going to enjoy my steak dinner tonight! 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

W1 R2: Well THAT was better

I mapped out a 3km route before I left the house this morning for my solo run to continue with week 1 training.  I put my ear buds in, clipped on the belt for my water bottle holder (which I never used so I doubt I will bother with that again for the shorter runs) strapped on the chest strap and watch for my heart rate monitor, laced up the runners and out I went.  

I kept a close eye on my heart rate and practiced the run 10 walk 1 method.  Now, when I say "run" I what I really mean is a fast walk in a running motion, I am not really "running", I guess for me when I think about "running" it means ALL OUT, heart thumping and my lungs and legs burning.  As I continued down my street I noticed immediately that I was able to run for longer distances and I could actually breath through my nose which was helping my keep my heart rate down.  Thursday when I went out with the group I got caught up in "keeping up" with the others and maxed out my heart rate within the first few minutes and by doing that my body was freaking out and trying to tell me to slow down. 

I felt good on my route this morning, I felt in control of my breath and only stopped an extra time as I was climbing a slight hill and wanted to keep my heart rate under 175.  I surprised myself a little too in being able to maintain my pace and I guess with time my speed will improve as I get my level cardio up and I get my running legs back.  I was just really glad to see that there was some running memory there, I just need to remember that I need to go at my own pace.

Tomorrow is the long slow run which I find hilarious cause that's all I do is a slow run, tomorrow will just be more than twice as long.  I guess though, this is part of the mental training needed for the race. I remember reading some advice posted on Adena's blog, he said the first few weeks were actually more important as you were training your brain not your body (or something to that effect).  So for now, I will not worry about speed or pace, I will just focus on getting out there and going the distance. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Week 1: Run 1 (if you can call it that)

Or What the %$&@ was I thinking?
Or "back of the pack".

Or "Oh my god I am going to throw-up in the store".

All of the above easily could have been the title for this blog but I I thought I would keep it short and sweet and to the point.  Tonight marked my first training run for the 1/2 marathon I signed up for, you know the one I have been talking about and of burying my head in the sand when I thought it about for the past 3 months.  I ended up signing up for the program offered at the running room to gear up for the race as I have NEVER completed any kind of running race before and after a talk with Adena one night, ended up registering for this did I let this happen?  Oh well, my registration was submitted a LONG time ago and they already have my money so no turning back now! (Or so I am trying to tell myself). 

Anyway, besides this being my first training run for this race, this was actually my first real run outside, kinda ever.  Ya okay in booty camp last summer we did 20 minuets of cardio twice a week but this is totally different.  Plus I was in fairly good shape last summer after working out all winter long.
When I first arrived at the store there were already a lot of people there and most of whom looked like runners.  I noticed a few ladies that didn't look like typical runners, they were talking up at the front of the room and just assumed there were there for the running group.  I thought to myself, well okay if they are here no problem I can do this.  No sooner did this thought come to me did they get up and head out for their walk, I guess I should have looked at their t-shirt and noticed "walking room" not "running room".  The instructors went up to the front, did introductions etc and then to get an idea of what types of runners they had in the group they asked everyone who had already completed a 5km race to stand up.  I think there was one other person sitting and that's when I got nervous and figured I was going to be the last to make it back.

We made our way out the back door of the store and people where standing around for a minute and then everyone just sort of took off running.  We went down Cumberland, cut across the bike path (which is paved now and much better than the gravel that use to be there) went up Woodview and east on Rexway to Thornwood then I don't remember the next street that took us back to Woodview to connect back to Fairview back to the store.  It was a whopping 3km and it took me 26:16 and I burned 337 calories.  My max heart rate was 190 (which may have explained why I tasted metal in my mouth after and seriously thought I was going to throw up in the store in front of the 10 people that were still there) and according to my hrm I  was at 94% on average at 179.  I really have to slow that down.

Besides all the negative self talk I was giving to myself along the way I also had a couple more positive thoughts.  I figured there was one benefit to being at the back of the pack and when I say I was at the back of the pack I am by NO way exaggerating...I was last.  I realized that I have no where to go but up so to speak.  I also figured that tonight was a great night to take on this challenge as today is the last day I am 30 so I figured it will be the last day I spend out of shape.  I know magically over night I won't become some svelte model, but I am one run closer to getting back on my workout wagon.   I ended up walking quite a bit, I don't know if it was half though but it really doesn't matter.

I finally made my way back to the store and grabbed a copy of the training schedule.  I found Rick, the assistant store manager who I registered for this course with on the weekend and asked him quite frankly if it took me this amount of time to finish, is it REALLY possible to be able to run 21km in 16 weeks?!?  He was very kind and said that if I wanted to change my goal I should decide by weeks 4-6.  But he did say it is possible to run it, as long as I do the work.  I know doing the work is not the issue I can do the work, I proved that to myself last year. 
I got home and asked my husband "when I said I was signing up for a half marathon, why didn't you wheel me away from the computer?" I held back the tears (what can I say, I'm a "cryer") and I told him I could change to a 10 km program if I felt the 21 wasn't going to be possible.   But really, I think if I wimped out and reduced to the 10km now without really making the effort for the 21 I won't be satisfied with that.  He gave me a pep talk and told me he was proud of me for signing up and taking the course and sometimes that little extra motivation or support can really make the difference, especially when you're at the back of the pack.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

who's that girl?

I KNOW I am not this girl anymore...                         But I don't feel like this girl anymore either...


I feel like I need to figure out who THIS girl is...and what makes her tick (and what will keep me committed to my healthy lifestyle)!

I think it's time for me to focus on activities that I enjoy doing because I really enjoy doing them, not because I "should" do them... it is time to break out the rollerblades ladies and gentlemen!

I also cancelled (again) my account with MFD since I really haven't used it in months.  The money is better spent at yoga.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

getting back on track

I was away for about a week and half at the end of May, we travelled to Europe and I walked and walked and walked some more!  During my vacation I enjoyed myself and didn't worry too much about what we ate and drank, we also didn't go overboard so there wasn't anything to worry about.

As I didn't sign up for booty camp again, nor did my friend and fellow former recruit Ali so we decided we would begin working out together but on our terms and schedule.  We went last week and went again yesterday starting out with walking.  Last night we went about 3.5 km in about 40 minutes.  We both know this is not great, but we will improve with every walk.  

I found an app call Runtastic that tracks calories, time, distance pace, speed etc.  It is free and pretty cool so we can track and see the stats as we progress.

I really have to kick it into gear and hope my body remembers what it is like to run as I had been off due to an medical issue last month and basically had to stop ALL activity.  This was hard for me as I have never had to stop due to an issue with my body, usually when I stopped it was because I feel off the wagon, never because I "couldn't" work out.  I was supposed to run my first race on May 8 but wasn't able to and am just getting back to working out what will be my first face on June 18th.  It is a walk/run and will probably walk more than I would have but I am looking forward to the experience.

I have to start training for the 1/2 marathon that will be here before I know it! OMG

To get my eating back on track I whipped up the mango black bean salad for lunch this week. I love how good I feel when I am eating less animal protein and more vegetarian meals...bring on the beans!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

has it really been this long

since I last posted?  A few things had been keeping me busy over the past month and a half. The Easter long weekend took us to Pennsylvania where I have family on my mother's side.  We drove down Thursday after work and got into town around 11:30.  Friday we took off to Virginia to attack the Cabela's store which was about an hour a fifteen from where we were staying.  I think this was the first time he has ever out shopped me.

Saturday we made our way into downtown Pittsburgh.  I recently became a big fan of the Penns while watching the HBO 24/7 Special they ran for the build up of the Winter Classic, which is the outdoor hockey game they play on New Year's Day.  I figured since we were going to be so close by it was the perfect opportunity to go and buy something from the Arena.  On Friday we learned the Penns were playing Game 5 of the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs at HOME at NOON! 

We made our way into the city through the tunnel and parked across from the arena.  The vibe was awesome with so much excitement in the air.  We didn't have tickets but thought it would be great just to be there during the playoffs.  I ended up getting Marc-Andre Fleury's jersey.  For those of you who don't know, he is their main goalie and happens to be Canadian (along with about 50% of the rest of their guys lol).  The game was about to start in 10 minutes so we thought we would just walk around as far in the arena as we could get without tickets, just to check out the place.  We passed an older lady working in front of the ticket booths and she asked us if we had tickets we just laughed, being from Toronto where the tickets are hundreds and hundreds of dollars a piece to see the Leafs and none are ever available we just assumed they were sold out.  She said to us "you're right here, why don't you just ask and see?" and we were SO glad we did!  We ended up getting two tickets in the lower bowl in section 110. 

It was incredible, we just laughed and laughed that we actually got two tickets together for a playoff game when we knew that NEVER would happened back home.  It was extra special for me, since it was the first time I had been to an NHL game and it was for my new favorite team, during the playoffs in their new house!   I was like a kid in a candy store running to my seat as I could hear the intro music the Penns start every game with.  Unfortunately they lost the game but all in all, an amazing day.


Since the beginning of May, I have not been able to work out but I am pretty much good to go now and look forward to getting back on the work-out wagon. 

I just got back from spending my 5th anniversary in Europe where we walked and walked and walked and walked but it was an amazing trip with lots of sight seeing and lots of just experiencing life overseas.  It was our first time making the trip across the pond and I loved every minute of it.  Today and yesterday has just been time spent getting rebalanced with the time change, but tomorrow will bring exercise back to the forefront.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"this is for you today Marc Rigby"

The alarm went off at 4:45 Saturday morning, I know for some this is a regular occurrence, but it isn't for me.  I usually crawl out of bed around 7 am.  I got up, made a couple eggs and toast and boiled the water for a tea.  I already had my clothes and shoes laid out from the night before and while the water heated, I got ready.   I closed the clasp on my heart-rate monitor and strapped the watch to my left wrist.  Breakfast was ready and I ran out the door as the rain was coming down hard.

As I approached the on ramp to the highway  I needed to hear one of my favorite songs to get my energy pumped.  It was about 5:10 by this time.  I punched in number 28 and found my song and cranked the volume and without evening thinking about it, I said in a loud confident voice "This is for you today Marc Rigby", and then I got a chocked up and a few tears appeared. 

For many years Marc participated in the WWF CN Tower Climb.  He was a big lover of animals but raccoons especially.  If you were a facebook friend of his, this picture might look familiar as even his profile pic was of a cute and cuddly looking raccoon.  I think if I remember correctly, he may have even safed a few of these little critters. 

I somehow had convinced one of my colleagues to take part in event and during the lead up to Saturday we helped motivate each other.  Thanks again Anzira, I am so grateful you were there to climb too!  I made my way to her house as her very nice husband had got up with her to drive us into the city so we didn't need to worry about parking etc.  We got to the Sky Walk through the convention centre and within a few minutes where registered and in line to run through the rain to the entrance of the tower.   We ran down the hill and around the corner, went through security, there was no turning back now!  We followed the line and went through the second security check and got into line. 

To get to the starting point there were a couple of sets to climb and this served as the warm up.  I made may way to the table, handed over my time card and started my heart-rate monitor.  I made my way up the first few flights of stairs and my immediate thought was "I DID NOT properly train for this!!!"  It had been not even ten flights and my legs were burning already. 

I took a few breaks and caught my breath and after the first twenty flights or so I seemed to get into my groove.   I noticed the first few flights it had spiked to over 175 and I knew that was too high to maintain so I started paying more attention to that and my breathing.  While I took a quick rest on the platform I found stretching my legs made a huge difference and I started breathing through my nose to keep my heart-rate down.

I found the flights between 50 and 80 to be the toughest but it was great to pass the half-way point at 72.  Digging down I just kept thinking "just do it", "just do it" and I thought about Marc.  Marc was truly my inspiration for climbing the tower this year, especially after I learned he climb while battling cancer last year.  It was such an amazing experience to be encouraged and help encourage complete strangers while we all climbed, I feel so lucky to have had the chance to participate in such a great event.  I continued climbing and resting every 4-6 flights and finally made may way to finish.  I handed up my time card and as I reached the end of the official climb my time card was punched. 

Within 39 minutes and 32 seconds I had completed my climb.  I was so proud and happy to have finished in under 40 minutes.  Next year my goal is to finish in less than 30!  After I finished I still had a few more flights to climb to get out of the stairwell and it was like walking into a different world when I got to the main level after climbing stairs in what felt like a castle tower where your vision was limited to the couple of flights above and below you. 

All in all, an amazing experience and it was a great way to remember a special person.  Thanks for the opportunity, motivation and inspiration you provided Marc!  Without you, I would never have had the chance to do this.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

less meat = less bloating?

Is it possible for my stomach to be flatter from not eating dairy?

I just wonder if by cutting out the cream and cheese I would usually have makes that much of a difference when it comes to bloating? I just feel flatter in the belly area. Maybe it also stems from the omega oils I am taking with my meals and added fibre from the berries in my mid morning snack and salad lunches.
I think I have jumped on to the vegetarian least for 3/4 meals per day.  I will probably never give up steak because it is just too yummy on the charcoal bbq! This weekend my goal is to find another yummy recipe to have for lunch next week for some more variety. I feel like my body is remembering how it felt last summer and is bouncing back with every work out I do and I like how I felt last night when looking in the mirror seeing less "spare tire" around my hips.  If that isn't motivation to eat less meat, I don't know what is!


On another note, I had camp last night and I was already limping when I got home.  The stairs took a little longer to climb than usual, thankfully I live in a tiny bungalow with not many stairs!  I think I will be putting my flats on sooner than later but for the time being, I am not in a rush to get out of my chair  of lol

Gott'a LOVE booty camp!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

LYM Challenge – still in week 1

Week one officially started on Monday this week and the main goal is to “be healthy”. This was great timing as Booty Camp started again this week. We did some different upper body work and my shoulders are tight and sore today but I am looking forward to getting them moving again tonight. Tomorrow night I will get back on the mat yoga wise and Friday will include a good long walk (maybe a little “ahem” light jogging? Ali…what do you think?). Yesterday was my rest day so I will see what I feel up to doing on Saturday and Sunday…I like decided that day since my week is usually pre-planned.

I have been making changes to my diet, mostly going back to my better eating habits which include tracking and overall reducing the amount of junk food I eat. I find it funny that just by the thought of “oh I don’t want to eat that cause then I have to track it and I know it will push me over my limit of calories or fat or sugar for the day” has reduced the amount of bad or unhealthy food I eat. Why do I need a little daily report to keep me in line and to not eat something I KNOW I shouldn’t eat? I have incorporated my frozen berries with protein powder as my mid morning snack so my first three meals of the day have been vegetarian which also happens to fit in nicely with my LYM challenge . I have only had a couple of ounces of animal protein over the past few days. I switched to a different travel mug for my morning coffee reducing the amount I drink by about a cup and I am using vanilla almond milk instead of cream and brown sugar instead of white. Lunch this week has been the black bean mango salad with the coconut rice, it is pretty tasty but next time I won’t use as much garlic. I feel bad for my colleagues who I meet with after lunch and my dh asks me every day…”what have you been eating!?”.

On another note, the CN tower climb is next Saturday so I guess that means at least one day this week will be a stepper day.

That’s all I got for now.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Look out CN Tower

I went to the Marlie's game with my dh this afternoon. After we got home I decided I should get a little activity in this weekend so I hopped on the stepper. how mandy steps it is to the top of the tower...
I know it will be harder climbing real stairs on the 16th.  I would rather train on my little stepper getting my legs ready than just relying on running and that is why I kept going...
And now it is time for a shower and a yummy dinner of charcoal bbq steak :)

Living My Moksha: Week 1 - Be Healthy!

I don't remember if I mentioned this already...actually thinking about it now I probably did.  Anyway, tomorrow marks the start of the Living Your Moksha challenge I signed up for at my yoga studio.  I have been looking for "more" and this challenge couldn't have come at a better time. 

To kick start the challenge I made a couple of new recipes to have for lunch this week.  I have been introducing more vegetarian meals into my diet over the past year or so but usually it was either eggplant parm or chickpea stew.  This weekend I branched out and made coconut brown basmati rice and black bean mango salad. 
 Black Bean Mango Salad

Can of low sodium Black Beans (I used blue menu)
1 organic Mango
1 red pepper
half a sweet onion
fresh garlic
fresh ginger root
Fresh cilantro
Rice Vinegar
Lemon Juice
Olive Oil

Coconut Rice

A can of Coconut Milk
Brown Basmati Rice

Cook according to the directions on the bag of rice

While at the local grocery store this weekend I picked up a few new herb plants for my kitchen windowsill.  I know if I leave them outside I will complete forget I have them and buy more "fresh" herbs so they have to stay within eye sight.  Plus I just love the fresh look they give the kitchen, not to mention hot GOOD they smell :)  I got Basil, Rosemary and Cilantro...I use to HATE cilantro now I add it to as many dishes as I can!

Friday, April 1, 2011

My pillow lost this round

I wasn't feeling well last night and was up till almost midnight.  I had already set my alarm for 6:00 to get up and run but when the time came I really didn't want to get up.  The alarm went off at 6:00am, I hit snooze, it went off again at 6:09 and guess what, I hit snooze!  It went off at 6:18 and I reset it for 7am. I I figured I deserved the 40 minuets extra in bed, it would be so nice.  I'm tired and I deserve to stay in bed since I didn't feel well the night before plus it's Friday!   Then, the guilt set it as I remembered reading a comment posted by John in Adena's thread saying that the first few weeks, its all about training your brain not your body.  So after that thought popped in my mind there was no way I was lying around any longer, I got up shut off the alarm and went down to the basement.

I went for 26 mins and burned 260 calories, not the longest or most intense workout, but at 6:30am, it is still a workout!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

just posting to say

for the record, I got up at 6:20 and went for a 2 mile run this morning for 33 minutes and burned 335 calories.  It felt great and I already logged my breakfast, lunch and half my dinner.  I love the feeling of control when I am aware and on top of things.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So today was a bit brutal, I felt like I was being pulled in about 18 different directions...oh wait, I was! Anyway, if I wasn't tracking and being aware of what I was eating today I would have devoured a bag of rice cakes at the very least, an extra hot chocolate and more crystal light that I should have. But, because I on keeping score again I instead had two decaf apple cinnamon tea's with a little bit of sugar and no extra calories. What a difference it makes when you have to write it down if you are going to eat it!

I got home and made a meat muffin sandwich, yes I said meat muffin not meat loaf. I made turkey meat muffins and they are pretty tasty and healthy too, I even tricked dh the first time I made them as he had just assumed it was ground beef.
Anyway, no exercise today since I got home around 8pm but I am planning to get up early tomorrow and go for a run as I have a massage appt after work tomorrow.

I figure I will go to bed a bit early for a couple reasons, to start I feel tired after today, the second I want to get up early and the third and most important, I can't snack while I am sleeping lol.

Monday, March 28, 2011


For those of you not in the know...MFD stands for My Food Diary.  I have missed keeping up with people on the forums, motivating and getting motivated there.  I have also realized that I HAVE to track the amount of food I eat otherwise I gain weight.  I started slacking off in September and closed my account at the end of December thinking that I could manage on my own...if you can, good for you, cause I certainly can't keep the weight off if I am not managing it through calories counting.  I have found this to be the easiest way to manage my weight when it comes to programs or tools. 

I think I have tried most of them...Weight Watchers (numerous times with their various programs), fit day, my fat secret, nothing (that method doesn't provide very good results)...umm what else have I tried...oh some terrible pills from shoppers that were suppose to rev up my rev up something unpleasant and details aren't necessary...just take my advice and stay far far away from things like that!

So here is where things will be different.  My main goal is just to stay in the weight loss zone when it comes to calories in and calories out.  Last time around (I have mentioned this before) I was totally OCD when it came to the scale but this time, the scale is only coming out once in a blue moon just for a check in here and there, not a daily or weekly or even monthly occurrence.  What matters is that I am accountable for the calories consumed and track my calories burned which means that I have to work out to keep things in check...and so I can still eat a treat and it wont mean that my muffin top gets bigger when I wear my jeans and I REFUSE to buy a bigger pair.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

holding my head high

I was in bed last night at 9:51, I do not remember the last time I was in bed before 10pm! Anyway, as I climbed into bed for my much anticipate slumber I reset the alarm to go off at 6:10.

I had a mostly sound sleep and woke up only once sometime between 2 and 3 I think to kick the two fighting fur babies off the bed...I really think it is time for a king size bed...between the two of them and DH, I have no room to move. Anyway, I woke up around 5:30 but there was no way I was getting out of bed yet, kitty number one needed some snuggles.

6:10 the alarm went off and I ended up getting out of bed at about 6:25 and made my way down to the hamster wheel. I went for over 30 minutes and pretty much kept to the two heart rate zones, either being below 140 or above 160 not going over 175. I also found out that my old running speed pretty much had me in "zone 3" between 16- and 175 so I was happy about that.

Tonight after dinner I will be heading down to my weekly moksha class. Last week I tried a more advanced move going from the bridge into the wheel. Basically this is where you are doing a back bend from lying on your back to pushing yourself up but your hands and feet are on the floor and your back is arched. It felt great and can't wait to try again tonight.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

hanging my head in shame

I had a terrible sleep last night...or I guess I should say it was the lack there of that was terrible.  I woke up to dh sneezing around 2:30 and tossed and turned for a while.  Then the mind started spinning about all the things I needed to take care of at work today.  I got up, went to the kitchen and mades some notes in my note book then went back to bed. 

I sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall when I struggle to fall asleep so away I went... 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer, take one down...are you getting sleepy yet?  Seriously, it works at least for me.    I think I made it to 97.  I kept waking up over heated due to an entire queen dovey folder over on top of me and a purring kitty cat (not the one in the fridge) walking all over me.  At 5:30 I made an executive decision, kicked off the blanket and reset the alarm for 7:10 instead of 6:10.  So it looks like making the "online" promise to get up early backfired.

I am going to reset the alarm back to 6:10 for tomorrow though to go for another morning run.  I am also going to yoga tomorrow and so looking forward to just letting it all go!  Part of the yoga that I am trying to take off my mat, is learning to let things go and not carry all this extra tension in my body.  I get myself full of muscle knots and besides being physically painfull I think it takes a toll emtionally.  So it's there I am learning to let go.  I almost said trying, but decided that I am not trying to let go, I AM letting go.

On the yoga note, if you are interested the Moksha Yoga studios are running a 7 week "living your moksha" challenge...check it out here.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

is it possible

to get up early and run two days in a row?  I went easy this morning so I am thinking that I should get up early again tomorrow to get a little run in before I go to work.  if I get home early enough I can always do more in the evening, like perhaps a little stepper training but I am thinking another run would be good.  Can I guilt myself into two morning work-outs in a row?

I am going to try the heart rate training and try to keep my hr between 160-175, this is supposed to be zone 3 (this is based on a site I was reading earlier) so I will see how it goes.  


the alarm went off at 6:10 and I snoozed until 6:30 as planned and then I actually got up and went on the treadmill this morning!  Looks like my plan worked!

Monday, March 21, 2011

this weekend I did...

absolutely no exercising.  Friday night I went for dinner with friends to a cute little bar in Hamilton, Aout and About.  Their fries are homemade and very yummy, and DID NOT tasty greasy at all.  On Saturday I woke up and cleaned my fridge.  I had a massage appointment so I set the over timer and off I went.  I did the whole fridge in under an hour...I would have been faster if it wasn't for this guy.  Everyone, meet Whiskey.  The cutest friendliest devilish little kitty you have ever come across.  He is VERY lucky he is VERY cute, this has saved his life (literally) a couple times now.  Anyway, once I was able to get him out of there I made way to my appointment.  Ani my massage therapist who is also a great friend worked on the knots for I don't know how long but some were real killers.  I was pretty sore after and just went home to relax and to some laundry before we went to a friends house warming party. 
Sunday consisted of some shopping at Costco where I picked up some magnesium Ani recommended.  I am carrying a LOT of tension in my body and this should help with the knots that form.  I think generally relaxing and not being such a spaz might help too, but for now what the heck, I will try the magnesium.   I was still pretty sore, it's not quite my butt, its like the back side of my hip where its pretty tight so I had the heating pad going while catching up on some hockey. 
I also marinated some chicken in honey, dijon a dash of s&p and some rosemary for dinner this week and  I also made a very yummy coconut green curry with Quinoa for my lunch.  Next time, more curry paste!   I was light on shrimp so I added some whitefish I had in the freezer and peas for some type of time...more veg!

Today was my awesome friend Ali's birthday so I joined her and cutie pooch Oscar for a long walk around the block.  We went for a good 40-50 minutes so that was my outdoor exercise...nothing crazy but I am really glad I joined her. 

Tomorrow morning, my goal is to get up and go for a jog on the hamster wheel before work.  I have a work function and will likely not want to do anything when I get home and secretly my hope is that by telling you (the entire 7 people that actually read this) that I will actually have to get up because I committed to it here on the internet (so that means I have to do it or I was lying).  So on that note, sleep well!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

wrapping up the past week...

I mentioned last week I had reenlisted in booty camp.   I was crippled on Monday after the class feeling it already that night.  Tuesday I definitely walked funny and people kept asking me if I was okay, I kept groaning when I had to get up from my desk...the bathroom wasn't any better either!  I went back for more punishment on Wednesday  and my triceps were SCREAMING at me!  The class was great though and I so glad I went back for the mini session. 

Thursday I went to Yoga after deciding at the last minute to go.  I think I rushed myself and never really focused while i was there...I kept trying to tell my mind to "just shut up already" but it wasn't was too busy talking over me.  It was still a good workout I just didn't get the mental break I enjoy from yoga. 

Friday my awesome friend Ali came over and we "drank" around the world...we tend to this once in a blue mood.  This was of course after we went and got some new protein powder and I explained how I give my recipes a boost by adding protein powder, ground flax seed and using whole wheat flour and replacing any oil with applesauce (thanks for that tip weight watchers!!! 1:1 ration in case you were wondering). 

Saturday I had intentions of going for a run but the morning slipped away as my husband was home and usually he is already long gone out on the hard water before I awake from my slumber.  We did some running around and before I knew it Saturday was over. 

Sunday I again had great intentions of getting up and running but I woke up turned over and grabbed my book.  I read this in about two to three weeks and have some mixed feelings but overall i found it was worth the read.  Hey, if you get one lesson or think about life from a new angle or prospective from reading a book, it was worth the read.

I eventually climbed out of bed and made some coffee, we got a new coffee maker and I can't get over how much better it tastes!!! 

I then poked around through some cook books and the Internet looking for new recipes and did I find some winners!  I made some delicious Turkey Meatloafs I didn't follow the recipe to a T, but my husband had NO IDEA it was turkey and we both can't wait to try them out on the good ol' charcoal bbq soon.  I also whipped up some balsamic glazed chicken that turned out really well and made some more savory breakfast muffins and whole wheat chocolate chip cookies with flax seed and half the butter. The recipe is based on the recipe from the milk chocolate chip bag but modified. 

That pretty much summed up the weekend.  I was back at booty camp this week and thankfully I wasn't limping too badly!  I am going back to yoga tomorrow and definitely will be running at least twice this weekend or one run and one stepper day.

Off to chill for a bit before bed...have a good night all!

i had a good post

until I hit the wrong button on my blackberry...I was drafting it in a note and my husband asked what time it was and I hit the discard button instead of the save button...poof! post was gone!

I will get back to regular posting soon...I promise!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

back in "the service"

I re-enlisted in Booty Camp Fitness for this week and next week and then again in April.  I seem to have forgotten how tough these workouts are!  I was already stiff last night within a couple hours of the class. I started going to camp last summer where we worked out on the black top of a school playground and outside is WAY better. last night we were in a room at an arena and will be there until May.   Ali re-enlisted too and I asked her during the class why is it SO MUCH harder indoors and she said "we're in a torture chamber", she was right!

We started out with a warm up of jogging in place, jumping jacks etc.  We then did three series of exercises each consisting of 5 different workouts and repeated each set three times.  We did side lunges with kicks, squats, squats with jumps, push ups, sit ups, monkey jumps (I hated these), tricep dips and more.  It was a tough class but it felt great to be back and to push myself that hard. 

I am still pretty sore today, walking at work and even getting in and out of my chair was painful but today is my rest day so no activity for me.  I ran 5K on the hamster wheel on Sunday and increased my running speed from 4.5 to 5.   I might have walked a bit more often but I had a great calorie burn with the run.

I also revamped my training plan so it's a bit more realistic for the upcoming 10K.  I figure in April I will start running outside to get ready, for now I figure it's best to get my running groove back so I will stick to the treadmill.

well, I need to go read about Heart Rate Training (thanks for the reco Adena :) so that's all for now.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

my aching glutes

I got up this morning at 5:00 because my husbands alarm was going off...this weekend I got up earlier than I do for work days, sick I know! Anyway he left and I tossed and turned and then had what felt like a twenty pound bag of sand throw it's self down on my chest, wait no it was just my baby boy kitty Whiskey. He kept me company, curled up under the blankets with me for about a half hour then he bit me and promptly left.  He's like that. I turned on the light and grabbed my new pray love, so for so good. I guess I finally got up around 7 and made some coffee and hit the PC.

I found a training plan online to prep for my up coming 10k, which is only 10 weeks away! I modified the plan to gear up for the CN tower climb too. I also signed up for a two week booty camp in March and I re-enlisted for April too...I can't wait to see my body get back into the shape it was in last summer!  The plan is on the fridge so I can look at it every morning and night... as I am reaching for the ice cream my husband bought...seriously, it was his idea.

After I poked around here and there online and decided it was time to venture out and change up the living room layout.  We turned the couch last night to watch the game but it wasn't the best use of space. I spent an hour or more huffing and puffing pushing, pulling and lifting the couches due to area rug in the room. I finally got fed up, rolled up the carpet and got it out of the way. I could have used a finger to slide the couches around after I did that...thank you felt pads!  I probably spent 2 hours moving the furniture around in different configurations and think I finally found something that will work for the giant couches in my teeny tiny house.

I got busy in the kitchen after that doing a bunch of dishes then whipped up some strawberry banana muffins for me and blue berry muffins for my hubby. I used whole wheat flour and mixed in protein powder and ground flax seed...he'll never know haha...unless he decides to start following me here...hmmm. I don't think he will.

Anyway, I decided I had stalled log enough so I got changed, grabbed my music and headphones and headed down to go for a run. I don't remember the last I actually ran but boy did it feel great today. I went just over 5km and burned something like 550 cals. I wrapped up doing a little yoga, I was inspired by the new album I downloaded on Friday night. If your a fan of yoga music then check out "the best of wah" (#3 and #4 or so far my favorites). What an awesome album for a yoga class or any time you want something kinda mellow.

When I went to sit down for dinner I could already feel my glutes tightening up...I think I will be wearing flats tomorrow and that reminds me, I need to go change the laundry!

So on that note, have a good night!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

jaw dropping, mouth watering whitefish

The day started at 5:30 this morning. I hit the snooze button a couple times since we both ended up losing about an hour of sleep this morning between 3:30 and 4:30 (thanks to an wrong number). Breakfast consisted of a large double double and a egg mcmuffin, not the healthiest but I do love them.

We got to the launch area and paid our entry fee, we were fishing in a fund raiser for a family with a boy who has Autism and the money helps pay for some of the extra care he requires. We made our way out on the hard water. Tony picked a great spot and we were on the fish in no time. Actually, he drilled the first hole and started marking fish immediately and before I could finish getting my gear ready he already landed one! Mmmmm whitefish! I could already taste the fish fry.

We spent the morning on that spot and it worked out great! He caught I think 5 and I landed one, but it was the biggest fish of the day. it was funny though cause after we put back the last whitefish caught we didn't land anymore, not for a lack of trying though.    
We made our way back in and decided not to weigh in our biggest as it was already beat by an inch for the biggest fish of the day. All in all a great day filled with people helping a family in need and a day spent with Tony doing what he LOVES to do.

I hit the stepper while Tony cleaned the fish then we indulged in a dinner of beer batter whitefish.

Tomorrow, I am going for a long run on the treadmill I think. The snow is coming down pretty good right now and I already bailed on the ice once this weekend, I don't need to press my luck out there tomorrow lol.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I went to a workshop last night call Vino 'n Visions (link to an older flyer It was an interested evening geared to get you to focus on your visions for your life and being open to accepting things when they come to you and going forward with your dreams.

During the second part of the evening we were doing an exercise of envisioning where we saw ourselves in five years. For the first time in a long time I had a different experience, this time I saw myself looking fit, at a mirrored wall helping someone with some kind of workout. Usually what I envision after yoga is very very different.

I think that some how some day I will be helping others do what I am doing... battling the bulge. I hope this blog helps those who find it too!


On another note I just got back from a hot hot session of hot yoga. What a great way to wrap up the week, by sweating it out. I was lazy earlier this week and just hopped on the stepper for a bit but that and a good run are in order for the 10k race is starting to call my name! I think I have something liken 70 days to get ready and I am not even close to being ready.

G'night all in blogspot land.

Monday, February 21, 2011

just what the doctor ordered

In the spirit of setting new goals and planning on how to achieve them, I just signed up for the Mercedes Benz Oakville 10k on May 8th.  This just goes to show how motivating it is to spend time with and talk to those who are focused and have a training plan.  Reading Adena's blog and talking to her and walking with her has been the motivation I have been needing as I was struggling on my own.  What a difference it makes when you have a support system in place! 

My friend Ali is another staple in the support department, I mentioned her a few months back.  She is my friend who no matter the activity will ALWAYS be the first to jump on board and try it out.  I admire her for that and appreciate her coming along to try new ways we can torture ourselves!  I am soo looking forward to our next booty camp session...seriously, I am!  It's the best butt kicking you can get and feel amazing when its done.

Back to the upcoming event, the 10k is 75 days away and I figure that should be plenty of time to prepare.  I know I can run 5k on the treadmill and I have been told that if you can run 5, you can run 10 so I am not too worried.  Apparently the course is flat but they haven't posted the route yet.  On this note, I should go lace up and go for a jog on the hamster wheel.  My lower back is pretty sore from yesterday and as Adena put it so eloquently...motion is lotion lol

Sunday, February 20, 2011

sunday walk

She said I need a goal and I made plans...I think in the comments of my previous post to go "for a walk".  She has a lot more events coming up that she is prepping for but I am gearing up for the 1/2 marathon I signed up for...who knows what else will get added to the mix before October.  We met at the half way point between our two houses and walked a loop twice totalling 10 km in under 2 hours.  Not bad for our first session.  She is nursing a badly sprained ankle back to health and I haven't done walking/running cardio for a few weeks now so it was a good start.

We started discussing a training plan that I can use to begin my marathon training (I am going to refer to it as a "marathon" for now on as noting the 1/2 every time is annoying...and maybe it will motivate me one day to do a full lol).  I signed up for booty camp for April and hope to get a mini camp in for March as well.  But in addition to that she recommended that on Tuesdays I do a 30 min run, Thursdays was I think run as much as I can for 5km to start? and Saturdays do a long run and Sundays will be the mental training of doing the activity for 3 hours.  So I think that will be the plan for Tuesdays and Saturdays for now as I still love going to my yoga class on Thursday nights, I can't give that up and really shouldn't...for my and my husbands own good lol.  But I could still get a run in if I ever decided to get my butt out of bed early enough in the's not like I have far to go to get on the treadmill so maybe that is the best option and Sundays are a great way to keep my head in the game and catch up with her as much as possible.

On another note, I pre-made a couple eggplant parms yesterday.  I coated them with whole wheat flour, then a seasoned egg mixture then dipped them in panko breadcrumbs.  Panko breadcrumbs are by far the BEST breadcrumbs to use for coating ANYTHING!  I broiled them on both sides cause really who has the time to wait for them to "bake" to get golden brown?  I put a thin layer of plain tomato sauce in the pan then 3 layers of the eggplant, more sauce then 3 or so more layers of hte eggplant, more sauce a small amount of grated parm and popped them in the freezer and those will work as four lunches per dish.  Today I have chickpeas boiling on the stove to make a chickpea eggplant dish as well but will probably finish cooking it tomorrow as we are heading out for a family dinner at 4 today.  But I forgot how much I love eggplant and meatless meals and I am so excited to get back on track with my eating, cooking and fitness. 

I made a shake before the walk using banana berry protein powder, almond milk and frozen (but thawed cause I hate REALLY cold food but love drinking and eating pipping hot food...weird I know) bananas and strawberries. I won't do that combo again or I have to change something because it totally tasted like the strawberry penicillin I use to get as a kid...Suggestions are welcome!  I usually use a berry blend that makes it a bit more tart tasting and maybe that's what was missing. 

have a great long weekend for those enjoying the "family day" holiday tomorrow!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

no more messing around

I ate a really big lunch today, it was too big but it was delicious.  I then ate "snacks" for dinner but I really was still full from lunch so I didn't over do it.  I washed it down with a beer that was also delicious.

I got home around 7:25 and got myself ready for the 8:30 Moksha Yoga class I love.  During the class while breathing deeply and trying not to tip over I noticed a belly roll as a bent over to the right and the same roll appeared when I bent over to the left.  I was thinking to myself...that use to be gone and now it is back.  That was enough for me to realize enough is enough and it's time to get serious.

Now, by getting serious I don't mean tracking every single item I eat but what it does mean is that I am back to eating a lot more fruits and veggies, way less breads and pastas and way less beef.  I already started planning out some meals to prepare over the weekend but I think the sheppards pie is going to be modified or cancelled!  It also means that I don't care what it takes I am getting in a hardcore workout four days a week.  Seriously, enough is enough! I have to dig deep and find my skinny self, she IS in there, I just have to push through until I am face to face with her and mirror and never let her out of my sight again!

I was just thinking about a girl I used to chat with on previous forums I was on.  She struggled and struggled for over a year and it was funny that I never understood how she felt and why didn't she just do what she needed to do to see results.  It is amazing and more and more I am reminded that until you walk in someones shoes you really have no idea what it's like for them.  I am where she was so I need to take my advice and decide to change my habits and as my avatar use to read... JUST DO IT!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Slow and steady...

I am getting back on the workout bandwagon. Last Saturday my two week cold finally got kicked to the curb and I climbed about 1200 stairs on the stepper I got. Sunday afternoon I ventured out to a hot yoga class and the instructor Sarah kicked out butts! Tonight I climbed over 1700 stairs in just over 30 minutes so I know I will be able to climb the CN tower. I just need to keep pushing and climbing higher as I know doing it for real is going to be a lot harder than pushing these pedals!

I had picked up my blackberry last weekend and was going to track my calories but decided against it and put it down and stepped away. I am not going to become the calorie ingested, calorie burned tracking maniac I was a year ago. I am going to live with balance in mind as much as possible...why else did I get that tattoo (twice, don't ask its a long story)?!

I decided that I can eat treats but I have to keep up the activity and eat healthy as much as possible. So, tomorrow is appointments but back to yoga Thursday and Sunday and more cardio stair climbing in between, look out CN Tower, here I come!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

giving you the whole story

I met up with a long time friend this evening for coffee and we got to talking about blogging.  She is one of the reasons why I started blogging in the first place so I guess it's only natural our conversation went there.  She suggested that I not only share the good times with you, but the bad and maybe even the ugly too (that is my dad's favorite movie coming out there lol I lost count how many times we watched it) so here goes...

It is no secret that for the past six months my focus has been less than stellar.  I have commented before how during 2010 I had goals and specific events that were driving my motivation and for the past few months there really hasn't been anything to focus on specifically and I really believe that has been my downfall.  I know I have gained back approximately 15 of 65 pounds I lost and I noticed changes in my mood, energy level and of course fitness level.  Losing the weight is half the game (if that), keeping the weight off is the defensive side to the game that many of us fall down at, some of us are great losers but when it comes to keeping that weight off we realize it sometimes is harder than we thought.

So, how do we do it?  How do we strengthen the defense so we don't over work the offense? Am I watching too much hockey these days?  I think for me, having those goals and events scheduled to work towards worked wonders for me and so far this year I have two different events lined up.  I already posted about registering for the CN Tower climb on April 16.  I just registered, literally, like five minutes ago to do the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon...thanks to "she said I need a goal".  I have run 5km so far and now I am going to do over 21 once, during the same session...I probably should be more scared than I am...but I know how great it feels to cross the finish line for events like this and that's what I am looking forward to, that and the massage after!

So on that note I am calling it a night...but I promise to post more often even if it's not about a great work out, even if it's about a "bad eating day" or anything else because at the end of the day I hope I can help not only myself with this blog, I hope I can help you too in realizing it's not a's a lifestyle and with that comes the ups and downs life can throw at us. We just have to learn how to bounce back and all will be well.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

not much going on around here

today...I have a whole lot of nothing

I start out thinking that half the time then before I know it I have lots to say but today I really have nothing.  I have been battling a cold for the past week and my energy is still pretty drained so I have been taking it easy. 
Today I need to do some prep in the kitchen for dinner with friends tomorrow and a plans for tonight but that and some laundry will be about it.

The exercise I did manage to get from Sat-Tues was walking I don't know how far over the hard water to go ice fishing with my husband every day.  I know walking in snow is a lot more effort plus all the gear I was wearing had to add to the intensity as well but he pulled the sled of fishing gear so he definitely had a better workout. I mentioned that next time he goes he should take my heart rate monitor to see how many calories he is actually burning when he walks out a couple km each way.

Monday, January 24, 2011

how many flights?

I mentioned yesterday that I signed up for the World Wildlife Fund (not the WWE world wrestling entertainment) CN Tower Stair Climb.  It's about 1700 stairs give or take and to prepare for the event I got the Cardio Style ST100 stepper. 

Before you get too excited, it was 50 bucks at Canadian Tire, but that's not the point.  The point is, it will do the job to get me ready!

I put it together and after a few minutes of jury rigging the magnet the computer started working and I was able to track calories, time and stairs climbed. I figure I will wear my polar HRM too since it is a lot more accurate. 

I hopped on and went 300 stairs in 5 minutes, not bad since I haven't used a stepper since I was 15.  I remember it fondly, I purchased that stepper from Consumers Distributing with Christmas money I got and lost about 30lbs on it in just a few months...too bad that was half my life ago and many many pounds ago lol.

Anyway, I plan to get stepping 3 times a week and with such a compact machine there is NO reason why I can't watch the hockey game or a bit of TV with my hubby while stepping my way to 1700 steps.

I also realized on the computer, it counted both feet going up and down as 1, so I think technically I just have to go about 900 steps on the machine to prepare for the climb.  I think it might be better though to do the full 1700 just in case.