Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week 3: so far so good

W2 R1: another long haul

Sunday brought along my second Long Slow Run.  I still find this hilarious as ALL my runs a slow.  Anyway, we headed out after 6pm in hopes the temperature would have been a bit cooler than compared to earlier in the day.  No such luck, it was still hitting around 30 I think by the time we left the house.

In preparation for this run I decide to revamp my music selection and created a new "running" play list.  It worked well and I had a variety of music that was different than my usual "workout" play list.

I wanted to plan the route so that I wasn't running uphill on the way back home, I don't like doing that especially in this heat.  We started out heading east along uppermiddle almost going to walkers line, turned back and did five laps around the track.  I couldn't believe the difference the surface type made after going that far.  The little trip back home from the track was brutal and I walked probably half way home from there.  I continued following the 10/1 method of running to walking ratio and it seems to be working well.

W3 R3: A community affair

We hummed and haaaed before deciding to go for a run tonight.  It's amazing how one tiny seed of doubt can go so quickly lol.  The decision was made and I got ready to go. 

There was tons of activity already going on at the track when we arrived.  There were boys having a soccer practice in the middle of the field, off to the side it looked like a boot camp was going on with girls doing "suicides" I hated those drills in gym class but actually grew to like them in booty camp (sick I know!)  There were a couple families there two, one training to teach the young girl how to ride a bike and I am not really sure what the other group was doing.  Then there were all the individual walkers and runners completing their laps. 

The schedule for tonight called for a 3km but since I didn't make it out last night (under the orders of my massage therapist ;o) What...I'm serious) and was supposed to do 4km we did 3.82 tonight.  My average heart rate was 166 and the max at 179.  I felt like I could run a little faster tonight too while staying within my HRZ.

I plan to do a quick 3k tomorrow morning before we have to head out for the day's events.  I guess I like to think that by saying it here for you to read that will make me accountable and I will actually have to do it then :)

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