Sunday, July 17, 2011

W5R1: Furthest LSD so far

I had set my alarm for 6 am as I wanted to get out there before it got too hot for my run this morning.  Well, even though it wasn't that late when I was getting ready for bed last night I set my alarm for 6pm instead. I ended up waking up naturally around 7, it could have been the result of a cat but I really don't remember.  I got up, made some breakfast and puttered in the kitchen for a bit.  I ended up heading out around 9am and made my way to the lift bridge. 

I figured based on where I start along the path if I went to the 5000m marker and turned back that would give me the 9km I was looking for today.  I was also hoping the lake would have provided a nice cool breeze to help keep me going. There first half went pretty well and I was keeping my heart rate above 160.  I think with the heat it's that much harder to push myself in keeping the hr in and around 170.  I continued on with the 10/1 strategy and was very happy to see my half way marker.  I turned around and started heading back and it was then I noticed the burn in my quads.  I guess it was a bit more uphill starting off the return and I was beginning to feel it.  I also think the running surface of the pavement compared to the track makes a big difference.

I took a few more walking breaks on my return trip where I would grab a sip of my ever warming Gatorade.  I was getting closer and closer and happier to see the distance markers declining.  I made it back to my starting point at the restroom by the bridge, chugged the last of the warm Gatorade and refilled from the fountain...that was one of the drinks of water I have had in a long time!

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