Thursday, July 14, 2011


You may or may not know this but I have a small shoe problem...and by that I mean I LOVE shoes and yes that includes running shoes, actually it includes ALL shoes.  Some people may make fun of me for believing this, but I totally believe that I can run faster in new shoes and I bet secretly so do you. 

I went down to foot tools today because they are having a sidewalk sale ( in case you live in the area and need a new pair) even if you don't NEED a new pair you may want to go anyway.  I had found the adidas supernova model I had a few years ago online this week and was keeping my fingers crossed that they had a pair in stock (and on sale) and they did!  I picked up a couple new pairs of socks and a new hat as well since my old one was getting pretty nasty...the down side of a white hate is how much the sweat stains show. 

I laced up my shoes and Ali and I made our way over to the track.  It was really busy there tonight but the weather was great with a slight breeze and the temperature really dropped making it really comfortable. I couldn't believe the difference I felt in my knees with the new shoes on and wondered why I had waited so long to replace the old asics.   Once my feet hit the track surface I picked up my pace a little bit and off I went.  I really enjoyed the run tonight and am looking forward to the short run Saturday and the long run Sunday now.  Near the end of my last lap around the track I decided to go all out and just see how the new kicks felt and it was great! I was pounding down on my feet but it never hurt and I never felt a strain, what a difference new shoes made!

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