Wednesday, July 13, 2011

W4 R3: 3 runs in 4 days

Well, it seems I am sticking to my full training schedule this week.  I just finished my third run in the past four days.  I am debating if I really want to go to my running night tomorrow because I don't want to be the last person again. I know it's dumb and it really doesn't matter but I guess the thought of it just bothers me right now.  I am not looking for an excuse to not run, I just don't feel like I belong in that group of people.  That's enough pity party for one night...back to my run.

I took the same route as last night but some how on my programme it came up a bit short for distance (only by .09 of a km) but could running on the other side of the road make this much difference?  I found it a bit hard to get my heard rate in the higher 160's for some reason but I manage to keep it up and it definitely was spiking on the last leg as it's mostly up hill.

I still didn't take any pictures of the course tonight. I think I am just going to have to snap a bunch over the weekend and save them :)

I found a picture of the shoes I want to replace...I had these a pair ago and I LOVED them and hope to find a new pair this weekend.  These are the supernova glide.  

Alright...that's all I got...goodnight!

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