Saturday, July 9, 2011

W3 R4: 3km...That's easy

Or so I thought last night when I checked my training schedule last night before I went to bed.  I set the alarm for 7 AM so I could get out there before the sun was too high in the sky.  My husbands alarm went of at 6 AM and I tossed and turned for a bit before drifting off to sleep again.  Before I knew it the alarm clock was alive with music and instinctively my hand slapped the snooze button.  I did this at least one or two more times before I dragged myself out of bed.  I made a light breakfast and did a little recipe hunting online before getting ready to head out the door.

I trotted down the driveway and made my way over to the track.  I decided last minute to go with the track rather than just the usual 3 km route down to the bike path.  I figured with the shoes I was wearing the track surface would offer more grace on my knees.

I entered the track and field area at the school and continued to lap the track five times.  This plus the distance there and back to my house is another perfect 3km route.  I found it really hard to run today and average heart rate proved it 161 and the max was 170 today.  I did manage to burn 320 calories so that was the upside, well that and I went out and ran.  At least I was consistent.  I guess I probably needed more sleep to recharge the batteries.  This week we were on a bit of an emotional roller coaster so I really shouldn't be too surprised I was dragging my feet the whole way.

In order to make my runs possible, there are a number of tools I use regularly that  I strap on, tie up and attach to myself in one way or another.  I also use my blackberry for both music and the runtastic software that keeps track of my distance, speed altitude etc.  Without these tools I would be in bad shape out there as the heart rate monitor keeps me focused on my pace based on my heart rate.  I have the Polar F6 which has been running well and really I don't know what I would have done without. 

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