Saturday, July 16, 2011

W4R5: That's what friends are for...

6:51 this morning my alarm started singing to me, it's set to 104.5 because it comes in clear.  The stations I really want, don't so it's that or 99.9 or 102.9 neither of which I can stand.  As usual when my alarm first goes off I rolled over and hit the snooze button.  9 minutes later the alarm was alive again filling my bedroom with music.  It was 7:00 on the dot and my phone started singing to me too.  It was my friend Ali!  We had briefly talked about going for a run this morning as I had initially planned to run, go to yoga then go to my massage appointment not wanting to work out afterwards.  Well, it was 7, the alarm was singing and Ali was in the driveway! 

I got up wiping the sleep from my eyes, got ready and off we went.  We went to the track as there wasn't much pre-planning involved and we lapped the track 7 times returning at 4 km completed.  I walked there and back as I have a 9km run tomorrow to start Week 5.

There was a slight breeze and it was quite comfortable in the shade, the little bit there at the track.  When we left the house it was still a little cool but the temperature quickly rose once we got into the sunshine.

We completed the run and I quickly realized I was trying to fit too much in to the precious morning hours.  We stretched, Ali left (props to her for going running on the first morning of her vacation!) and I made myself some tex-mex scrambled eggs, an english muffin and coffee.  What a perfect way to start the weekend. 

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