Wednesday, April 6, 2011

LYM Challenge – still in week 1

Week one officially started on Monday this week and the main goal is to “be healthy”. This was great timing as Booty Camp started again this week. We did some different upper body work and my shoulders are tight and sore today but I am looking forward to getting them moving again tonight. Tomorrow night I will get back on the mat yoga wise and Friday will include a good long walk (maybe a little “ahem” light jogging? Ali…what do you think?). Yesterday was my rest day so I will see what I feel up to doing on Saturday and Sunday…I like decided that day since my week is usually pre-planned.

I have been making changes to my diet, mostly going back to my better eating habits which include tracking and overall reducing the amount of junk food I eat. I find it funny that just by the thought of “oh I don’t want to eat that cause then I have to track it and I know it will push me over my limit of calories or fat or sugar for the day” has reduced the amount of bad or unhealthy food I eat. Why do I need a little daily report to keep me in line and to not eat something I KNOW I shouldn’t eat? I have incorporated my frozen berries with protein powder as my mid morning snack so my first three meals of the day have been vegetarian which also happens to fit in nicely with my LYM challenge . I have only had a couple of ounces of animal protein over the past few days. I switched to a different travel mug for my morning coffee reducing the amount I drink by about a cup and I am using vanilla almond milk instead of cream and brown sugar instead of white. Lunch this week has been the black bean mango salad with the coconut rice, it is pretty tasty but next time I won’t use as much garlic. I feel bad for my colleagues who I meet with after lunch and my dh asks me every day…”what have you been eating!?”.

On another note, the CN tower climb is next Saturday so I guess that means at least one day this week will be a stepper day.

That’s all I got for now.

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