Thursday, April 7, 2011

less meat = less bloating?

Is it possible for my stomach to be flatter from not eating dairy?

I just wonder if by cutting out the cream and cheese I would usually have makes that much of a difference when it comes to bloating? I just feel flatter in the belly area. Maybe it also stems from the omega oils I am taking with my meals and added fibre from the berries in my mid morning snack and salad lunches.
I think I have jumped on to the vegetarian least for 3/4 meals per day.  I will probably never give up steak because it is just too yummy on the charcoal bbq! This weekend my goal is to find another yummy recipe to have for lunch next week for some more variety. I feel like my body is remembering how it felt last summer and is bouncing back with every work out I do and I like how I felt last night when looking in the mirror seeing less "spare tire" around my hips.  If that isn't motivation to eat less meat, I don't know what is!


On another note, I had camp last night and I was already limping when I got home.  The stairs took a little longer to climb than usual, thankfully I live in a tiny bungalow with not many stairs!  I think I will be putting my flats on sooner than later but for the time being, I am not in a rush to get out of my chair  of lol

Gott'a LOVE booty camp!

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