Friday, April 1, 2011

My pillow lost this round

I wasn't feeling well last night and was up till almost midnight.  I had already set my alarm for 6:00 to get up and run but when the time came I really didn't want to get up.  The alarm went off at 6:00am, I hit snooze, it went off again at 6:09 and guess what, I hit snooze!  It went off at 6:18 and I reset it for 7am. I I figured I deserved the 40 minuets extra in bed, it would be so nice.  I'm tired and I deserve to stay in bed since I didn't feel well the night before plus it's Friday!   Then, the guilt set it as I remembered reading a comment posted by John in Adena's thread saying that the first few weeks, its all about training your brain not your body.  So after that thought popped in my mind there was no way I was lying around any longer, I got up shut off the alarm and went down to the basement.

I went for 26 mins and burned 260 calories, not the longest or most intense workout, but at 6:30am, it is still a workout!

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