Saturday, June 25, 2011

W1 R2: Well THAT was better

I mapped out a 3km route before I left the house this morning for my solo run to continue with week 1 training.  I put my ear buds in, clipped on the belt for my water bottle holder (which I never used so I doubt I will bother with that again for the shorter runs) strapped on the chest strap and watch for my heart rate monitor, laced up the runners and out I went.  

I kept a close eye on my heart rate and practiced the run 10 walk 1 method.  Now, when I say "run" I what I really mean is a fast walk in a running motion, I am not really "running", I guess for me when I think about "running" it means ALL OUT, heart thumping and my lungs and legs burning.  As I continued down my street I noticed immediately that I was able to run for longer distances and I could actually breath through my nose which was helping my keep my heart rate down.  Thursday when I went out with the group I got caught up in "keeping up" with the others and maxed out my heart rate within the first few minutes and by doing that my body was freaking out and trying to tell me to slow down. 

I felt good on my route this morning, I felt in control of my breath and only stopped an extra time as I was climbing a slight hill and wanted to keep my heart rate under 175.  I surprised myself a little too in being able to maintain my pace and I guess with time my speed will improve as I get my level cardio up and I get my running legs back.  I was just really glad to see that there was some running memory there, I just need to remember that I need to go at my own pace.

Tomorrow is the long slow run which I find hilarious cause that's all I do is a slow run, tomorrow will just be more than twice as long.  I guess though, this is part of the mental training needed for the race. I remember reading some advice posted on Adena's blog, he said the first few weeks were actually more important as you were training your brain not your body (or something to that effect).  So for now, I will not worry about speed or pace, I will just focus on getting out there and going the distance. 

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