Tuesday, June 28, 2011

W2 R2: round and round we go

Rest day yesterday was a nice break especially since it was Monday.  I always found Monday's to be one of the hardest days to workout on so it was nice to not have to force myself.  When I got home from work my husband was in casual clothes and asked if I was running today.  He almost seemed a little disappointed when I told him it was my "off" day as he was planning to go with me.   I was a little surprised as he is not a big fan of just "running" but I appreciated the offer and having him for company.

When I got home we had the steak we planned on having Sunday, caught up on one of our favorite TV show then headed over to the track.  We live near a high school that has a great track with a fairly new surface that was meant for running on.  It is like running on a cloud compared to concrete sidewalks.

The sun was behind a bunch of angry looking clouds and the windy was blowing pretty hard but it was nice to get out there. 

I ran the 3km distance steady which felt really great to do!  I kept my heart rate in the prime zone between 160 and 175 going into the high 170s but it felt good and I just kept breathing through my nose to keep my heart rate below 180.

Ever wonder what it looks like when you just run a around a track a bunch of times...yup, you guessed it, it looks like a bunch of scribbles.  


JohnP said...

I have never run around a track before. It's always been on trails and road. The only track around here is behind a closed gate :(

I'm not sure if I'm missing anything though lol haha!

Way to get the workout done though! :) Thats a high heartrate, you certainly are not dogging it! Great effort!!

MandyB said...

Thanks John!

The only real benefit to the track is the material it is made with, it really helps absorb the impact. Other than that...boring. It is me who missing out on things to see and variety lol

Thanks for the props! I feel like I should be moving WAY fast that I am, but I guess for now it's the right pace.

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