Sunday, June 26, 2011

W2 R1: Going the distance

My legs were still pretty sore from my last two runs but the schedule had me down for a 7km long slow run today. 

I decided to venture down to the beach path in Hamilton on the other side of the lift bridge.  The weather was perfect and the path wasn't too busy.  

From my Runtastic stats it looks like my 5th km was the best one based on time. I wasn't able to run the entire time and walked back most of the way after the halfway mark. I know with time and practice I will be able to run for longer distances so I am not sweating this, I am just happy I went the distance! 

I also took at least one stretching break along the way, again this session today is to begin getting into the habit of the longer runs and speed is the not main concern. 

The sun came out from time to time and the breeze was perfect.  Tomorrow is a rest day and I think my legs will be thankful for that.

I burned over 700 calories today so I know I am really going to enjoy my steak dinner tonight! 

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