Thursday, June 30, 2011

W2 R3: Running Room Night

Tonight was my "running room" night where we had the 20 minute seminar then headed out for the steady run.  It also happened to be "bring a friend" night so Tony tagged in for the evening as well.    During the seminar we learned about the importance of a proper fitting shoe etc.  I pretty much knew this as I have been buying my running shoes from running room type stores for the past couple years now but it was good for Tony to hear...helps legitimize my shoes budget...well not my ENTIRE shoe budget ;o)

Brian had an option for a 3km as well as a 5km route this evening, I of course did the three which was fine by me.  My average heart rate was 173 with the max at 182.  They said it was a steady run but I figured staying in my heart rate zone is still for me the best practice and probably will be for quite a while yet. 

I mapped out the route we took and it ended up being 3.6 km after all so I was pretty happy about that since it took 30m 44s.  I was still at the very back of the pack tonight but this time I ran at my pace and didn't bother trying to keep up with everyone else.  I didn't stop for walking breaks so in my opinion, this was a big improvement from last week.  Oh and I didn't feel like I was going to throw up everywhere tonight when I got back to the store!
By the time I got home last night and we had dinner it was pretty late so I didn't end up doing any activity but I figure tomorrow can make up for it. I am just not sure yet what it will be.
One thing I do know I am going to do is watch some fireworks! 

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