Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So today was a bit brutal, I felt like I was being pulled in about 18 different directions...oh wait, I was! Anyway, if I wasn't tracking and being aware of what I was eating today I would have devoured a bag of rice cakes at the very least, an extra hot chocolate and more crystal light that I should have. But, because I on keeping score again I instead had two decaf apple cinnamon tea's with a little bit of sugar and no extra calories. What a difference it makes when you have to write it down if you are going to eat it!

I got home and made a meat muffin sandwich, yes I said meat muffin not meat loaf. I made turkey meat muffins and they are pretty tasty and healthy too, I even tricked dh the first time I made them as he had just assumed it was ground beef.
Anyway, no exercise today since I got home around 8pm but I am planning to get up early tomorrow and go for a run as I have a massage appt after work tomorrow.

I figure I will go to bed a bit early for a couple reasons, to start I feel tired after today, the second I want to get up early and the third and most important, I can't snack while I am sleeping lol.

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