Monday, March 28, 2011


For those of you not in the know...MFD stands for My Food Diary.  I have missed keeping up with people on the forums, motivating and getting motivated there.  I have also realized that I HAVE to track the amount of food I eat otherwise I gain weight.  I started slacking off in September and closed my account at the end of December thinking that I could manage on my own...if you can, good for you, cause I certainly can't keep the weight off if I am not managing it through calories counting.  I have found this to be the easiest way to manage my weight when it comes to programs or tools. 

I think I have tried most of them...Weight Watchers (numerous times with their various programs), fit day, my fat secret, nothing (that method doesn't provide very good results)...umm what else have I tried...oh some terrible pills from shoppers that were suppose to rev up my rev up something unpleasant and details aren't necessary...just take my advice and stay far far away from things like that!

So here is where things will be different.  My main goal is just to stay in the weight loss zone when it comes to calories in and calories out.  Last time around (I have mentioned this before) I was totally OCD when it came to the scale but this time, the scale is only coming out once in a blue moon just for a check in here and there, not a daily or weekly or even monthly occurrence.  What matters is that I am accountable for the calories consumed and track my calories burned which means that I have to work out to keep things in check...and so I can still eat a treat and it wont mean that my muffin top gets bigger when I wear my jeans and I REFUSE to buy a bigger pair.

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