Wednesday, March 16, 2011

wrapping up the past week...

I mentioned last week I had reenlisted in booty camp.   I was crippled on Monday after the class feeling it already that night.  Tuesday I definitely walked funny and people kept asking me if I was okay, I kept groaning when I had to get up from my desk...the bathroom wasn't any better either!  I went back for more punishment on Wednesday  and my triceps were SCREAMING at me!  The class was great though and I so glad I went back for the mini session. 

Thursday I went to Yoga after deciding at the last minute to go.  I think I rushed myself and never really focused while i was there...I kept trying to tell my mind to "just shut up already" but it wasn't was too busy talking over me.  It was still a good workout I just didn't get the mental break I enjoy from yoga. 

Friday my awesome friend Ali came over and we "drank" around the world...we tend to this once in a blue mood.  This was of course after we went and got some new protein powder and I explained how I give my recipes a boost by adding protein powder, ground flax seed and using whole wheat flour and replacing any oil with applesauce (thanks for that tip weight watchers!!! 1:1 ration in case you were wondering). 

Saturday I had intentions of going for a run but the morning slipped away as my husband was home and usually he is already long gone out on the hard water before I awake from my slumber.  We did some running around and before I knew it Saturday was over. 

Sunday I again had great intentions of getting up and running but I woke up turned over and grabbed my book.  I read this in about two to three weeks and have some mixed feelings but overall i found it was worth the read.  Hey, if you get one lesson or think about life from a new angle or prospective from reading a book, it was worth the read.

I eventually climbed out of bed and made some coffee, we got a new coffee maker and I can't get over how much better it tastes!!! 

I then poked around through some cook books and the Internet looking for new recipes and did I find some winners!  I made some delicious Turkey Meatloafs I didn't follow the recipe to a T, but my husband had NO IDEA it was turkey and we both can't wait to try them out on the good ol' charcoal bbq soon.  I also whipped up some balsamic glazed chicken that turned out really well and made some more savory breakfast muffins and whole wheat chocolate chip cookies with flax seed and half the butter. The recipe is based on the recipe from the milk chocolate chip bag but modified. 

That pretty much summed up the weekend.  I was back at booty camp this week and thankfully I wasn't limping too badly!  I am going back to yoga tomorrow and definitely will be running at least twice this weekend or one run and one stepper day.

Off to chill for a bit before bed...have a good night all!

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