Tuesday, March 8, 2011

back in "the service"

I re-enlisted in Booty Camp Fitness for this week and next week and then again in April.  I seem to have forgotten how tough these workouts are!  I was already stiff last night within a couple hours of the class. I started going to camp last summer where we worked out on the black top of a school playground and outside is WAY better. last night we were in a room at an arena and will be there until May.   Ali re-enlisted too and I asked her during the class why is it SO MUCH harder indoors and she said "we're in a torture chamber", she was right!

We started out with a warm up of jogging in place, jumping jacks etc.  We then did three series of exercises each consisting of 5 different workouts and repeated each set three times.  We did side lunges with kicks, squats, squats with jumps, push ups, sit ups, monkey jumps (I hated these), tricep dips and more.  It was a tough class but it felt great to be back and to push myself that hard. 

I am still pretty sore today, walking at work and even getting in and out of my chair was painful but today is my rest day so no activity for me.  I ran 5K on the hamster wheel on Sunday and increased my running speed from 4.5 to 5.   I might have walked a bit more often but I had a great calorie burn with the run.

I also revamped my training plan so it's a bit more realistic for the upcoming 10K.  I figure in April I will start running outside to get ready, for now I figure it's best to get my running groove back so I will stick to the treadmill.

well, I need to go read about Heart Rate Training (thanks for the reco Adena :) so that's all for now.


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