Monday, March 21, 2011

this weekend I did...

absolutely no exercising.  Friday night I went for dinner with friends to a cute little bar in Hamilton, Aout and About.  Their fries are homemade and very yummy, and DID NOT tasty greasy at all.  On Saturday I woke up and cleaned my fridge.  I had a massage appointment so I set the over timer and off I went.  I did the whole fridge in under an hour...I would have been faster if it wasn't for this guy.  Everyone, meet Whiskey.  The cutest friendliest devilish little kitty you have ever come across.  He is VERY lucky he is VERY cute, this has saved his life (literally) a couple times now.  Anyway, once I was able to get him out of there I made way to my appointment.  Ani my massage therapist who is also a great friend worked on the knots for I don't know how long but some were real killers.  I was pretty sore after and just went home to relax and to some laundry before we went to a friends house warming party. 
Sunday consisted of some shopping at Costco where I picked up some magnesium Ani recommended.  I am carrying a LOT of tension in my body and this should help with the knots that form.  I think generally relaxing and not being such a spaz might help too, but for now what the heck, I will try the magnesium.   I was still pretty sore, it's not quite my butt, its like the back side of my hip where its pretty tight so I had the heating pad going while catching up on some hockey. 
I also marinated some chicken in honey, dijon a dash of s&p and some rosemary for dinner this week and  I also made a very yummy coconut green curry with Quinoa for my lunch.  Next time, more curry paste!   I was light on shrimp so I added some whitefish I had in the freezer and peas for some type of time...more veg!

Today was my awesome friend Ali's birthday so I joined her and cutie pooch Oscar for a long walk around the block.  We went for a good 40-50 minutes so that was my outdoor exercise...nothing crazy but I am really glad I joined her. 

Tomorrow morning, my goal is to get up and go for a jog on the hamster wheel before work.  I have a work function and will likely not want to do anything when I get home and secretly my hope is that by telling you (the entire 7 people that actually read this) that I will actually have to get up because I committed to it here on the internet (so that means I have to do it or I was lying).  So on that note, sleep well!

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