Sunday, February 20, 2011

sunday walk

She said I need a goal and I made plans...I think in the comments of my previous post to go "for a walk".  She has a lot more events coming up that she is prepping for but I am gearing up for the 1/2 marathon I signed up for...who knows what else will get added to the mix before October.  We met at the half way point between our two houses and walked a loop twice totalling 10 km in under 2 hours.  Not bad for our first session.  She is nursing a badly sprained ankle back to health and I haven't done walking/running cardio for a few weeks now so it was a good start.

We started discussing a training plan that I can use to begin my marathon training (I am going to refer to it as a "marathon" for now on as noting the 1/2 every time is annoying...and maybe it will motivate me one day to do a full lol).  I signed up for booty camp for April and hope to get a mini camp in for March as well.  But in addition to that she recommended that on Tuesdays I do a 30 min run, Thursdays was I think run as much as I can for 5km to start? and Saturdays do a long run and Sundays will be the mental training of doing the activity for 3 hours.  So I think that will be the plan for Tuesdays and Saturdays for now as I still love going to my yoga class on Thursday nights, I can't give that up and really shouldn't...for my and my husbands own good lol.  But I could still get a run in if I ever decided to get my butt out of bed early enough in the's not like I have far to go to get on the treadmill so maybe that is the best option and Sundays are a great way to keep my head in the game and catch up with her as much as possible.

On another note, I pre-made a couple eggplant parms yesterday.  I coated them with whole wheat flour, then a seasoned egg mixture then dipped them in panko breadcrumbs.  Panko breadcrumbs are by far the BEST breadcrumbs to use for coating ANYTHING!  I broiled them on both sides cause really who has the time to wait for them to "bake" to get golden brown?  I put a thin layer of plain tomato sauce in the pan then 3 layers of the eggplant, more sauce then 3 or so more layers of hte eggplant, more sauce a small amount of grated parm and popped them in the freezer and those will work as four lunches per dish.  Today I have chickpeas boiling on the stove to make a chickpea eggplant dish as well but will probably finish cooking it tomorrow as we are heading out for a family dinner at 4 today.  But I forgot how much I love eggplant and meatless meals and I am so excited to get back on track with my eating, cooking and fitness. 

I made a shake before the walk using banana berry protein powder, almond milk and frozen (but thawed cause I hate REALLY cold food but love drinking and eating pipping hot food...weird I know) bananas and strawberries. I won't do that combo again or I have to change something because it totally tasted like the strawberry penicillin I use to get as a kid...Suggestions are welcome!  I usually use a berry blend that makes it a bit more tart tasting and maybe that's what was missing. 

have a great long weekend for those enjoying the "family day" holiday tomorrow!


She said I need a goal said...

MOAR advice.. If you love your Thursday yoga class then plan around that. Nothing, and I mean nothing is more important than doing the things you love regarding fitness. You could run twice weekly for a while until you get in the rythm OR you could do the 30 minute run on Thursdays (before or after yoga) instead. SO many choices.

LOVED catching up with you and walking with you today. We kicked some ass!!! Ankle is good, I'm relieved.

She said I need a goal said...

You are TOTALLY motivating me!!!

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