Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Slow and steady...

I am getting back on the workout bandwagon. Last Saturday my two week cold finally got kicked to the curb and I climbed about 1200 stairs on the stepper I got. Sunday afternoon I ventured out to a hot yoga class and the instructor Sarah kicked out butts! Tonight I climbed over 1700 stairs in just over 30 minutes so I know I will be able to climb the CN tower. I just need to keep pushing and climbing higher as I know doing it for real is going to be a lot harder than pushing these pedals!

I had picked up my blackberry last weekend and was going to track my calories but decided against it and put it down and stepped away. I am not going to become the calorie ingested, calorie burned tracking maniac I was a year ago. I am going to live with balance in mind as much as possible...why else did I get that tattoo (twice, don't ask its a long story)?!

I decided that I can eat treats but I have to keep up the activity and eat healthy as much as possible. So, tomorrow is appointments but back to yoga Thursday and Sunday and more cardio stair climbing in between, look out CN Tower, here I come!!

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