Thursday, February 17, 2011

no more messing around

I ate a really big lunch today, it was too big but it was delicious.  I then ate "snacks" for dinner but I really was still full from lunch so I didn't over do it.  I washed it down with a beer that was also delicious.

I got home around 7:25 and got myself ready for the 8:30 Moksha Yoga class I love.  During the class while breathing deeply and trying not to tip over I noticed a belly roll as a bent over to the right and the same roll appeared when I bent over to the left.  I was thinking to myself...that use to be gone and now it is back.  That was enough for me to realize enough is enough and it's time to get serious.

Now, by getting serious I don't mean tracking every single item I eat but what it does mean is that I am back to eating a lot more fruits and veggies, way less breads and pastas and way less beef.  I already started planning out some meals to prepare over the weekend but I think the sheppards pie is going to be modified or cancelled!  It also means that I don't care what it takes I am getting in a hardcore workout four days a week.  Seriously, enough is enough! I have to dig deep and find my skinny self, she IS in there, I just have to push through until I am face to face with her and mirror and never let her out of my sight again!

I was just thinking about a girl I used to chat with on previous forums I was on.  She struggled and struggled for over a year and it was funny that I never understood how she felt and why didn't she just do what she needed to do to see results.  It is amazing and more and more I am reminded that until you walk in someones shoes you really have no idea what it's like for them.  I am where she was so I need to take my advice and decide to change my habits and as my avatar use to read... JUST DO IT!


She said I need a goal said...

I am contemplating some 'japanese' marathon training advice.. actually i dunno if that's true but my plan is to walk about 3 hours per week, in a single session. The theory is that you get used to being 'out there' for however long your race is. so if you ever want to join me, I'm thinking Sundays. It's a true walk.. no run, I'll do my run training throughout the week with my long run on Saturday.

MandyB said...

Interesting advice...funny how I was thinking about that yesterday, thinking that it's going to be a long race and I am going to need a lot of music on my play list for that day!

I like the idea, are you going this sunday?

She said I need a goal said...

I was thinking about this Sunday.. are you interested? not sure about the time?

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