Friday, July 9, 2010

Never thought I would join the army

Last month my friend Ali and I embarked on our first ever booty camp series. We weren't really sure what to expect so we decided to sigh up for a 4 week session (two camps a week) instead of the 8 week session.

On Monday June 7th we made our separate ways over to the elementary school where the classes are held. The session is organized in blocks, we warm up, do strength training, cardio then cool down and stretching. The night started off with squats, squats and more squats. We squatted out way into the cardio portion of the night that was a blend of running and jumping. We finished off with some interval running and tomato faces. Next up, we were off to rip our abs. Our trainer warned us she LOVED squats, lunges and you guessed it...planks!!!

We hit the mats and got into position with 60 seconds on the clock. Yeah right I thought... who was she kidding! She called out go! I raised myself on my forearms and toes and almost instantly I felt the burn. It wasn't long before I started shaking and collapsed down to my knees and then down on to my belly. I gave it another weak attempt but I was done. After the planks we stretched it out and we were finished for the night.

I walked a little funny for the few days following that night and missed the second session that week due to a cold I had picked up that first night.

Fast forward three weeks and 6 more camps to our last class on Wednesday, June 30. We did yup you guessed it, more squats. We did a set of 10 ran, set of 20, ran, set of 30, ran, set of 40, ran then worked our way back down to the set of ten. 160 squats later we did a circuit cardio session with sets of push ups, ladders, skipping, marching and of course burpees! We did three or four rounds of the circuit and then completed the night with the fit test. I missed it initially so this was my only time but plan to see an improvement when I run it again at the end of July. I finished running back and forth across a soccer field, 20 lunges and 20 sit ups and 20 more squats (I think) in 4:34.

Last session night after night we worked on planks and I was so happy that on the second last night I held the plank for the full 60 seconds! I spent the minute grumbling and grunting but I wasn't giving up! I felt my abs starting to shake but I held on and pushed my tail bone out more to try and get more space between me and the mat. Let me tell you, it felt great once she called time and I dropped to the ground!

Even after all the torture we subjected ourselves to for those four weeks, we didn't hesitate to sign up for the July session!

I have to hand it to Ali, when ever I suggest some new exercise adventure she is always the first to reply and say she'll be there! She really helps make camp fun and we encourage each other to push that little bit harder... We know what buttons to push to get the other that little bit madder or energized to push and get through that set! I'm so glad she joined the booty camp army too!

With this weeks extreme heat alert, you know what I am talking about if you live in and around the GTA, camp was canceled last night. I went Monday and it was H O T but still a great workout! Last night I made my way down to the cool basement and popped in the booty camp DVD and proceeded to kick my own butt for the night. It will be good to get back to camp next week and I am looking forward to working out in the outdoors again.

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