Monday, July 19, 2010

What's in your toolbox?

For every job we do, we have a toolbox. If I had to describe mine, it would be pink and sparkle.

I have been refining my weight loss tool box over the years. It started jam packed with despair, resentment, self doubt and loathing and a future full of potential health issues if I didn't change direction on the road I was on, oh and a of course a bag of oreos and bbq chips. Before I go into what's in there now, I should tell you what I had to take out first, besides all the negativity.
I started out with different types of gym memberships, I had joined the YMCA, mademoiselle spa and fitness one numerous times always with that enthusiasm that lasts during the first three weeks then fizzles out. I tossed the gym memberships and they are gone for good. Sounds crazy I know but don't worry they have been replaced.
Next, I had to make room in the "diet strategy" tray. I gave away all my WW pamphlets and various plans and reading material for that program. I tossed all my weekly trackers and my score cards with the stickers. I also said no more meetings or points or all the whole wheat carbs I can eat. I also cancelled my membership at the metabolic centre. No more sessions and weekly weigh-ins...that stress is enough to drive anyone to overeat!

So, with all that's what remains. I have a gym in my basement, I have weights and a treadmill and can't make any excuses about not wanting to go out once I get home from work, or I "forgot" to pack my gym bag. Plus I can work out any time I want.
Besides exercising at home I have added a bunch of activities to my arsenal against weight gain. I love going to hot yoga and always feel better after a class. For the past month and a half I have been going to booty camp and will continue through August as well. I also have picked up rollerblading again this summer and will be playing volleyball again in the fall.

Next, I started tracking my calories first using Fitday. It also tracked weight and measurements and provided some fairly good reports. I now use My Food Diary (MFD) and love love love it! It has a great database and I can add to it really easily. It also stores weight and measurements and has reports but it also has a few other resources and I can't forget, one of the most important features, the forums! I participate in monthly challenges, have a couple of progress threads and have met some excellent people who have certainly helped keep me on track. I have also got a bunch of great information there as well...more to come on that. This tool has certainly been one of the most important that I could have, and they have a mobile version which leads me to my next tool.

My blackberry has been a lifesaver, with the use of the MFD mobile app, surfing the forums, tracking my daily foods as well as the rest of the smart phone features. I would not have been as successful without it.

Something else the forum has provided is great feedback and reviews on books that have really helped others. One that has been instrumental in my progress has been the Beck Diet Solution. This book teaches you how to think like a thin person, I'm not kidding... It really really does and yes, they really do think differently than a fat person the secret is out! Another book I heard about was the Flat Belly Diet. This book stresses the importance and needs around your body and healthy fats (mono unsaturated fatty acids - mufas).

Now, about those oreos...those got replaced as well. I am not saying that I never eat junk food anymore cause I would be lying. But, what I have done is replace many of my favorite snacks with healthier options. I will snack on baked chips not fried or I make cookies from scratch so I can control the ingredients and make substitutions. I also opt for rice cakes or popcorn and 100 calorie snack sized products are my best friends these days. I have also incorporated a lot of other foods I didn't eat before such as black beans and chick peas, avocado, dark chocolate (no more milk chocolate) and quinoa.

So that's what's in my weight loss toolbox, what's in yours?

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