Sunday, January 9, 2011

running & music

I think running is the purest form of exercise you can do.  Nothing beats the feeling of your heart pounding in your chest, the blood pumping through your veins, the bass thumping in your headphones and the sound of your favourite song blaring on your MP3 player.  I love feeling the burn of a good run, taking the deep breaths and the incredible runners high you get after.

My workout yesterday was already taking its toll last night and I certainly felt it today.  Kick boxing identifies muscles you didn't even know you had!  I was watching a video about an hour ago and saw someone running on a treadmill and thought that looks like a great idea.  I figured it might also help with the tightness I am feeling today and I was right, it did and I am so glad I got a kick run in.  I went 30 minutes and although I didn't do 5km I glad I went for as long as I did.  Any workout is better than no workout! 
Right now, I am in love with this song "The XX - Intro" for me it is one of those songs that brings out so much emotion that I really have no words to describe how it makes me feel.  Do yourself a favour and have a listen.   This song is the kind of song you want run to or rollerblade to with the wind at your back and the sun on your face.  I'm already looking forward to summer.

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