Monday, January 24, 2011

how many flights?

I mentioned yesterday that I signed up for the World Wildlife Fund (not the WWE world wrestling entertainment) CN Tower Stair Climb.  It's about 1700 stairs give or take and to prepare for the event I got the Cardio Style ST100 stepper. 

Before you get too excited, it was 50 bucks at Canadian Tire, but that's not the point.  The point is, it will do the job to get me ready!

I put it together and after a few minutes of jury rigging the magnet the computer started working and I was able to track calories, time and stairs climbed. I figure I will wear my polar HRM too since it is a lot more accurate. 

I hopped on and went 300 stairs in 5 minutes, not bad since I haven't used a stepper since I was 15.  I remember it fondly, I purchased that stepper from Consumers Distributing with Christmas money I got and lost about 30lbs on it in just a few months...too bad that was half my life ago and many many pounds ago lol.

Anyway, I plan to get stepping 3 times a week and with such a compact machine there is NO reason why I can't watch the hockey game or a bit of TV with my hubby while stepping my way to 1700 steps.

I also realized on the computer, it counted both feet going up and down as 1, so I think technically I just have to go about 900 steps on the machine to prepare for the climb.  I think it might be better though to do the full 1700 just in case.

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