Monday, January 3, 2011

Look out 2011, here I come!

My husband and I sat down yesterday and decided on a couple goals and resolutions we both felt were important for this year.

1) A place for everything and everything in its place.  The overall resolution, to clean up after ourselves every day resulting in a tidy house everyday!  I already started purging clutter and junk yesterday getting rid of a garbage bag of "stuff" within a few small areas around the felt great and I can actually see the desk in our office.

2) Exercise regularly, for me its five days a week and I start this evening with my first kickboxing class.

3) Eat healthy 95% of the time.  You have to allow yourself some indulgences once in a while and for us, this will probably be Hockey Night in Canada on Saturdays with wings and homemade wing sauce. 

4) For me specifically, to study and get my PMP certification.

That's it, the list is short and sweet but specific and really, should be easy to follow and a lot it reflects my plan I posted a few days ago.

It was three years ago now that I made the change and started living an overall more healthy life and my husband got on board two years ago.  For us, we certainly feel better when we are moving regularly and fueling our bodies with healthy whole foods.  I am taking a different approach this year however when it comes to my weight loss efforts.  Instead of focusing on the scale and what I "weigh" I am going to focus more on my clothing size more than anything.  I had to resist getting on the scale as I felt if I did that this morning then I would have been discouraged as I know I have gained a bit of the weight back from the summer and I didn't want to start with a negative attitude and drown my self pity in junk food. 

I wanted to remind myself of where I have come from for motivation as I start back on the journey to find my skinny self...she's there...I see her, not yet as clearly as a mirror image, the view of her is a little foggy kinda like a dream, but I know she is there and waiting for me!

 Is it 5:30 yet? I can't wait to go kick my butt at kick boxing!


JohnP said...

oh wow yum.
sorry, just stumbled onto you blog, and thought I'd share the first thing that came to mind lol



MandyB said...

haha thanks...I think?

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