Monday, July 11, 2011

W4 R1: didn't think I would finish

If you live in and around the GTA then you know how hot and humid it was yesterday (and today) which was perfect for the family pool party that we had.  Once a year (we are trying to make this an annual event) we gather in my parents backyard and have some fun in the sun.  We got there around 1pm and were back home around 7:30 after a day spent in the pool and catching up over some yummy food.

Thanks my DH influence we got home and got ready to go.   Since it was sticky and hot out I dug out my lulu shorts instead of the usual crops I run in hoping it would help keep my temperature down a bit.  This was a very bad idea after the first 10 laps...two words...heat rash.  I started whining and told DH I didn't know if I would finish but he just kinda ignore me and continued on his way and really I am glad he did because I just tried to ignore what felt like sandpaper on my thighs and just push through.  Near the end I found a little extra gas in the tank and did a few short speed bursts to get the last lap completed as fast as possible.  I felt like I really couldn't run any faster than I was going, but it was fun to just "open it up" and go.  I ended up walking back most of the way after we left the track, but that was fine considering I don't think I took the proper 10/1 walking breaks.

We decided we would just stick to the track and take it easy on our ankles and knees. Along with the distance there and back I completed 15 laps around the track for a total of 7.21 km.  And I thought 3km around the track was a bunch of is 15 what looks like.

And here is what my speed and altitude looked like.

I tend to have my blackberry tucked away in the arm strap so that's why I don't usually have pics from the trips, that and it's usually the last thing on my mind when I am huffing and puffing my way through the run but I will try to remember to snap some from time to time.


Candace House said...

Girl, I am so impressed with you!

MandyB said...

Thanks Candace :)

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